welcome to the arena
Welcome to the Arena!

Quake III Arena


I am a BIG fan of id Software in general and Quake III Arena in particular. I have been playing it since the second semester at my college (almost 4 years) and at home as well. The multiplayer experience of Quake is simply out of this world. My current stats on my home PC should justify what I mean:

quake stats

Here are some top sites related to Q3A:

Quake3World [visit]
PlanetQuake [visit]

However Quake 3 is more than just fragging. It also involves creating your own maps (arenas) for the game, which is a good deal of fun. I have created a map for Quake 3, which you can download here. Its somewhat simplistic though. Here is a screenshot of my arena:

duelmania arena
Duelmania : a map for Quake 3 Arena

Creating maps can be done by a tool of id Software called Q3 Radiant, and it can be downloaded free from http://www.q3radiant.com.

Map building consists of four main phases :

  1. Designing the map using, first, pen and paper and then, Q3 Radiant.
  2. Compiling the design through various phases such as BSP building, lightmapping etc.
  3. Adding bot support (so that "bots" ie non-human players recognize the map).
  4. Packaging the map (as a .pk3 archive) and installing it.

A great site for tutorials on how to build maps is at http://www.planetquake.com/bubba.