This page contains the terms and conditions for using any of the content on my site, should you need to.


The Design Aspects : CSS, JavaScript

If you are a newbie web-designer like I am, and wish to use the CSS stylesheets, or JavaScript, or any source from my webpages, then you are bound by the terms of a Creative Commons License. Basically, this particular license requires you to give me credit, that's it. Click here or on the following image for more details.

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License

If you want to use the CSS for your website, please consider licensing it in a way such that others can use it too. That way, we can ensure that other people interested in CSS and CSS-Positioning can also benefit from it.

The Articles and Papers

The articles on Gawk, Eclipse and the paper on RSA on this site are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Read this license online, or view/download a text copy of this license.