Here is an assortment of some pictures. These are pics which really cannot be categorized into school or college pictures. Hope you like them :)

Gallery - Miscellaneous

Back home...
The following pictures were taken when I was back home at Calcutta - for some reason or the other. Most of the pictures on this page were taken on my cellphone - a Motorola V303 at 640x480 resolution - but was downscaled for the web.

my desk
My messy desk at home

A lazy morning at Jadavpur Phari, Kolkata

rural bengal
On the way to rural Bengal

Final semester training
The above picture was taken while I was doing my training at a company in Calcutta during my final semester at IIIT Calcutta. I am the fellow in the white shirt approximately in the center :)

And back to business...
The following pictures are from Hyderabad, where I stay currently as I work here.

food I cooked!
I cooked all of this MYSELF! Never imagined I would or I could ;)

A trip to the Golconda Fort

Yet another from the same place

durga pujo at secunderabad
Home away from home - at a Durga-Puja in Secunderabad