All the pictures on this page are from my college years. We are the first batch of students from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Calcutta.

Gallery - College

The college years...

We graduated in the year 2004, and the four years we spent together shall always be memorable. We've had, for various reasons, had more downs than ups - but in the end - all of us will agree that we learnt many valuable lessons during that time, and very few of them have anything related to textbooks. That's not to say that we aren't technical gurus though :)

Without further ado...
Here are the snaps:

In one of our classrooms
Dreams of joining IBM were in some of our minds then - this, in retrospect, seems quite amusing! I am the enlightened looking fellow in the light-blue shirt.

some teachers
Some of our teachers

two stalwarts
Two stalwarts from our batch!

fun on the roof
Having fun!

women @ iiitc
Some of the gorgeous ladies from our batch!

goodbye cruel world
Goodbye, cruel world ;)

still having fun
The party never stops

Our college life officially ended on Feb 25th, 2005 with our convocation at the Science City Auditorium, Calcutta. Following are some snapshots taken on that day by various people.

a group photo
A group photo

Poses, anyone ?

convocation lunch
Hmm... all of us glaring at the prawns on Shibu-da's plate

The last pic above was from a lunch we all went to after the convocation. I plan to upload more pics on this page sometime... meanwhile please feel free to leave your feedback. Thanks!