This site owes its existence to several helpful sites and people, a list of which is given. I may have forgotten one or two sources of information though. Thanks to you all!


1. A List Apart [visit]
This is a site that helped me a lot in designing this site. It has an excellent collection of articles relating to CSS, XHTML, JavaScript etc.

2. Good Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials [visit]
This site has thousands of great Photoshop tutorials, and definitely lives up to its name.

3. BlueRobot Layout Reservoir [visit]
This site has some simple site layouts designed using CSS-Positioning. My site layout actually started off with a layout from their reservoir.

4. CSS ZenGarden [visit]
The CSS ZenGarden is basically a demonstration of using CSS for virtually every aspect of web-design. The designs there are simply mind blowing. This was the site that influenced me to get knee deep into CSS and CSS-P.

Other sites I would like to thank include:

5. Dynamic Drive [visit]
Has a large collection of free to use scripts.

6. ProjectSeven [visit]
A useful site for users developing websites in Macromedia Dreamweaver. It has several nice tutorials and Dreamweaver extensions.