This page lists some of the projects that I have worked upon as a part of my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Degree Course.

My Projects

Verification of MMS Content Transcoding

This was my final semester project, which I did at Alumnus Software Limited, Calcutta. I had to develop a test suite for verification of MMS content transcoding (or content adaptation - modification of content to meet the specifications of recipient user-agents) in an MMS network. The test suite was developed in Python.


This project aims at providing enhancements to wine - a Windows™ emulator on current Linux systems. As its name suggests, wine is capable of executing Windows programs on a Linux platform. In terms of its interface though it is still command line based and has numerous shortcomings. Some of my applications features include :

  1. Makes the setup of wine's configuration file for a user ($HOME/.wine/config) much easier through a user-friendly dialogs.
  2. Adds support for native Windows link (.LNK) files.
  3. Adds a Windows like "Start Menu" to the KDE Panel (kicker).
  4. Attempts to autodetect settings for the configuration file.
  5. Adds commonly used context-sensitive menus in Windows (such as "Set as Wallpaper" for an image file).

For more details, view this PDF file.

Source Control System (SCS)

SCS is a version control system for the Windows platform. The aim of this project is to build version control software having all the functionality of CVS (Concurrent Versions System) on Linux. The functions supported include:

  1. Accessing the project repository (which may be remote).
  2. Checking out portions of a project.
  3. Specifying permission levels for a particular user.
  4. Integrated editing with an editor of the user's choice.
  5. Version management.
  6. Locking a file currently being edited (allowing read-only access).

The project is coded using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and tested on Win9x platforms.

RSA Encryption GUI

This project is a GUI implementation of the RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) encryption technique. It is programmed in C++ using the KDevelop 2.1 IDE on Red-Hat Linux 8.0. This project allows the user to encrypt/decrypt plain text files using a 512 bit RSA encryption algorithm. The program is dependent on the GNU Arbitrary Precision Library (or GMP) for working with very large integers. This project was done at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. Visit the ISI-Calcutta website. Go here to see the paper that was presented at the Anna University and for sourcecode for a version of this project.

Project Genie

Genie is a client-server search utility designed for a corporate intra-network. The machine hosting the server has a directory containing files of various formats (Word, Excel and so on). The client connects to this server and allows the user to search the contents in those files remotely. Word and Excel files are read using OLE Automation. The search offers a plethora of options (such as case sensitivity, compulsory and optional matches and so on). It uses a modified form of the Boyer-Moore algorithm for searches, which is very fast and performs especially well for multiple search patterns. This project was part of a summer training at R.S. Software India Limited. I did this project with my friend Rahul Paul.

Genie Logo
The Genie Logo (designed by us, of course)
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