This page is about me. My life, my history, where I am, what I do for a living, all of this and more - revealed, finally!

About me!

Umm... Hi!

So, here is an informal introduction of yours truly. If you are interested in further details or a formal resumé please click here.

So, my name...

... is Rajorshi Biswas. I was born in Calcutta in India on the 26th of September 1981. My school life, probably the best years of my life, happened at St. Xavier's Collegiate School in Calcutta. I appeared for ICSE in 1998 and ISC in the year 2000. In class 10 (1998) I received two awards that made my school life all the more memorable - the Abhijit Sen Memorial Medal (for Science group) and the Father Dobinson Memorial Medal (for Best Student).

After my stint at school, I headed off to study Information Technology at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Calcutta. I am passionate about the Linux Operating System, the open source philosophy and free software.

I spent my last six months of college doing my training from Alumnus Software, Calcutta. Then I got a job at Motorola as a Software Engineer and had to move over to Hyderabad. At the time of writing this, I am at Hyderabad.

As a person...

...I find it difficult to describe myself - apart from the fact that I am a simple sort of guy who likes to eat, watch movies and hang around with friends, and basically have a rocking time!

Apart from academics, I have an interest in France and in particular, in the French language. I have completed the elementary French course at alliance franšaise de calcutta. I would, if time permits, like to complete the entire course and hopefully visit France someday!

My hobbies

In sport, I love cricket and table tennis. I am an ardent fan of rock. Some of my all-time favourites include the Scorpions, Bryan Adams and U2.

I spend my rare leisure time reading fiction or surfing the net or chatting on Yahoo. I was an avid reader once, but now I hardly get any time for it. The last book I read was the last of the Harry Potter series (I absolutely adore the entire series - especially the third). I'm also a big fan of Archer and Michael Crichton. Enough about myself, tell me about you ;)

I would love it if... could leave your comments/suggestions/whatever here.